You are currently viewing Boost for cold plasma: Viromed Medical, terraplasma medical and Wundex Group launch comprehensive cooperation for wound care with plasma care®.

Boost for cold plasma: Viromed Medical, terraplasma medical and Wundex Group launch comprehensive cooperation for wound care with plasma care®.

Pinneberg/Munich/Senden – 23.10.2023 – The treatment of chronic wounds can be challenging. Often the process drags on for months or even years. Older people are particularly affected. But now, affected patients can breathe a sigh of relief: the innovative and efficient therapy with cold atmospheric plasma (KAP) will be used on a large scale in home care and wound treatment with immediate effect. For this purpose, Viromed Medical GmbH as the exclusive distribution partner of terraplasma medical GmbH, which specialises in wound healing, as well as Wundex Group GmbH and its subsidiary MasterCare Medical GmbH are cooperating. Their common goal is to bring cold plasma therapy to the broad field of outpatient wound care. In doing so, MasterCare, as part of the Wundex Group, will increase and expand its attractiveness and competence as a wound care provider for doctors throughout Germany by offering and selling the innovative cold plasma therapy from terraplasma medical. As a result, significantly more patients in home care will be able to benefit from treatment with KAP in the future.

To kick off the cooperation, the first 20 of over 200 wound managers were equipped with the plasma care® medical products and intensively trained in their use at the training centre of the WundWissen Academy, a subsidiary of the Wundex Group in Hattingen, last Thursday, 19 October. Prof. Dr. Gregor Morfill, multiple award-winning German physicist, pioneer in KAP research and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Viromed Medical AG:

“Through the cooperation with the Wundex Group, this highly efficient therapy has now finally arrived in the breadth of outpatient wound care.”

Peter Orth, CEO and founder of the Wundex Group: “The use of this effective and innovative cold plasma therapy offers us and our certified wound managers the opportunity to raise our outpatient wound care to an even higher level of quality. In this way, we can not only help more patients, but also attract new ones.” Renowned market research firm Markets and Markets estimates that the global cold plasma market is expected to grow to $3.3 billion by 2026 – at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 15%. The growth can be attributed to the increase in the number of people with chronic wounds. The incidence is expected to increase as society ages and the need for cold plasma, which has been shown to be effective in numerous international studies, will increase.

About Viromed Medical GmbH

Hamburg-based Viromed Medical AG is part of the Viromed Group, which has been active in the healthcare market since 2004 with a focus on protection against viruses and germs. The 100% subsidiary Viromed Medical GmbH is at the centre of the public limited company, which has been listed on the stock exchange since October 2022.

Its strategic pillar is the innovative treatment of wound healing based on cold atmospheric plasma (KAP). The focus is on the mobile, CE-certified cold plasma device plasma care®, which closes wounds painlessly and inactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria. The technical developer and patent holder of the cold plasma technology is terraplasma medical GmbH in Garching near Munich, which emerged from the Max Planck Institute. In order to ensure long-term access to the technology, a sister company from the Viromed Group acquired a majority stake in terraplasma medical GmbH in August 2022. The use of plasma care® represents a quantum leap for wound healing. In addition, further medical applications are possible in the fields of cosmetics as well as dermatology and ENT.

Viromed Medical AG has a broad customer base in the DACH region, including various DAX companies, e.g. Volkswagen and Lufthansa, as well as federal states and various federal ministries, 1,100 hospitals, 7,000 pharmacies and 11,000 doctors’ practices.

About the Wundex Group GmbH

Wundex Group GmbH, headquartered in Senden, offers innovative products and services to relieve the nursing sector with many years of expertise in the German healthcare market. The Wundex Group GmbH group of companies focuses mainly on the topic of integrated wound care with, among other things, its own wound experts (e.g. ICW wound experts), wholesale and logistics as well as the provision of specialised services for the care of chronic wounds in the context of home nursing, also in wound centres, and last but not least with the sale and rental of anti-decubitus positioning systems and products for the obesity care of heavyweight patients. The group of companies, which is developing very dynamically, currently employs more than 450 people.

About the MasterCare Medical GmbH

MasterCare Medical has been an expert in the field of wound care since 2016, specialising in the distribution of modern and traditional products. The range consists of a wide variety of products, some of which are innovative, but also tried and tested. The dynamic company has established itself as a competent partner for doctors, pharmacies, specialist retailers and clinics in wound care. MasterCare Medical is part of the Wundex Group GmbH and, like the group of companies, places great emphasis on the continuous improvement of its products to ensure that they are always up to date and of the highest quality and performance. The ultimate goal is to ensure patient satisfaction.

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