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Cold plasma conquers Brazil: terraplasma medical announces market approval and launch of plasma care®

Pioneering solution for wound healing and dermatological applications accelerates internationalization

Garching, Germany / Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 11.12.2023

terraplasma medical GmbH, one of the world’s leading health and medical technology companies and a subsidiary of the renowned German Viromed Medical Group, is continuing to drive forward its internationalization. The latest coup: the market launch of its innovative medical cold plasma technology in Brazil. The focus is on the mobile, CE-certified cold plasma device plasma care®, which closes wounds painlessly and inactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria. The market launch took place with the support of local sales and marketing partner Alya Pharma, a brand from Swiss group Promediol SA at the prestigious SIITTRAL Plastic Surgery Conference in Rio de Janeiro in October. Here, doctors and other clinicians were able to see the potential of this innovative technology at first hand, including during live demonstrations. This milestone coincides with the official approval of plasma care® by the Brazilian health authorities (ANVISA) and consolidates its position as a pioneering solution for wound healing and dermatological applications.

The use of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) through plasma care® developed by terraplasma medical is revolutionizing the way wounds and skin diseases are treated. Cold plasma, known for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and tissue-stimulating properties, offers an innovative approach to wound care and aesthetic medicine. With its wide range of applications, plasma care® covers a broad spectrum of clinical needs, including the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, as well as a broad spectrum of related conditions and  aesthetic procedures. In Brazil, plasma care is currently focused on the wound care segment, with a planned expansion to skin care in the future.

“We are very excited to introduce plasma care® in Brazil. The potential is huge, as the country has a thriving healthcare sector and recognized expertise in plastic surgery and other medical specialities,” says Jens Kirsch, founder and CEO of terraplasma medical. “The approval by ANVISA underlines the safety and efficacy of our technology. We look forward to a successful partnership with Alya Pharma and to bringing our innovative technology to patients.”

As the exclusive distributor of plasma care® in Brazil, Alya Pharma will play a key role in introducing this cutting-edge technology to the Brazilian medical community. The company’s expertise and commitment to quality healthcare aligns seamlessly with terraplasma medical’s vision. This collaboration will facilitate access to advanced wound healing solutions for healthcare professionals and patients in Brazil.

Adriana Schulz dos Santos, General Director of Alya Pharma says: “The SIITTRAL Plastic Surgery Conference was the perfect platform to introduce plasma care® to the Brazilian medical community. The response and enthusiasm of the professionals who attended was remarkable. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership with terraplasma medical offers and look forward to improving care for patients across Brazil.”

About terraplasma medical GmbH

terraplasma medical GmbH is a health and medical technology company based in Garching near Munich, Germany. It was founded in 2016 by terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Society, and a majority stake was acquired by the Hamburg-based Viromed Group in 2022.

The focus is on the innovative treatment method based on cold plasma for wound healing (cold plasma therapy). A mobile, CE-certified cold plasma device, plasma care® closes wounds painlessly and inactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria. The medical device is used to treat (infected) chronic and acute wounds using cold atmospheric plasma to inactivate microorganisms, including multi-resistant pathogens, and stimulate wound healing. This innovation represents a quantum leap for wound healing. Other medical applications are also possible in the fields of cosmetics, dermatology and ENT. terraplasma medical GmbH is EN ISO 13485 certified.

About Alya Pharma

Alya Pharma is a leading distributor of cutting-edge medical technologies in Brazil, committed to improving healthcare by providing access to innovative and clinically proven solutions. Alya Pharma is part of Promediol S/A, a Swiss company specialized in the international distribution of medicines and medical devices for human use, headquartered in the Lugano region.

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