The plasma care® for healthcare professionals

The plasma care® is a hand-held and portable medical device for wound disinfection. It uses cold atmospheric plasma to kill microorganisms that counteract the healing process efficiently. To current knowledge the human tissue is not damaged in any way. Nowadays, plasma technology is state-of-the-art in wound care.

Wound care

The process of wound care remains almost unchanged. Wound disinfection can either be carried out with the plasma care® or complemented by plasma treatment.

How cold plasma works 

Cold plasma consists of a partially ionized gas. It causes the cell membrane to become porous for a few microseconds. The free DNA, which is present in bacteria and similar microorganisms, can then be destroyed by entering reactive plasma species. In contrast to this, eukaryotic human cells are safe, because the DNA is protected inside the nucleus and cell biological mechanisms also provide protection. Thus, human cells are not damaged by the treatment with the plasma care® to current knowledge. The patient is neither exposed to radiation, nor does an electrical current run through the patient directly.

The treatment with the plasma care®

  • Effective reduction of bacteria in vitro
  • Elimination of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs) in vitro
  • To date no development of resistances observed
  • To date no side effects or allergies observed
  • Pre-clinical research indicates that plasma treatment can support wound healing
  • To date no tissue damage or pain during treatment observed
  • Treatment of large wounds is possible
  • Only 1 minute per application
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • Also suitable for patients with cardiac pacemakers
  • No noble gasses
  • No electrical current through the skin
  • Application by healthcare professionals

A clinical trial with the plasma care® is currently ongoing


A treatment with the plasma care® cannot be performed on

  • Wounds with heavy and acute bleeding
  • Wounds at exposed inner organs (surgical area)
  • Wounds at mucous membranes
  • Wounds in the head and neck area
  • Children unter the age of 12 years

Other than that, the plasma care® can be used for all kinds of wounds, also as a prophylactic measure.

Disinfection of a wound with the plasma care® in 2 minutes 

Step 1:

Attach the spacer.

Step 2:

The plasma care® initiates automatically. This process is finished, when the flashing stops and the plasma ring glows blue permanently.

Step 3:

The spacer is placed onto the wound gently so that a closed volume is produced. The device is held in position and the plasma treatment is started by pressing the button. The device stops automatically after 60 seconds. The ring displays the timing at
15-second intervals.

Step 4:

In case of large wounds the treatment can be repeated up to 6 times in a patterned fashion.

The treatment procedure

After the wound has been cleaned manually from rough contaminants, the plasma care® is switched on and a sterile spacer is attached. The spacer is gently placed onto the skin of the patient and the treatment is initiated. After 60 seconds the plasma care® can be moved, to treat additional wounds or large wound areas. After 6 individual treatments at most, the spacer needs to be discarded according to the applicable regulations.

Here you can watch the treatment procedure in a 2 minute-video. The clip gives you a first impression, the dubbing is in process.

The plasma care® simplifies wound care on site:

  • Suitable for out-patient care: the plasma care® is battery-operated and does not require an electrical connection during treatment.
  • With the size and the weight of a telephone handset, it is easy to transport and intuitive to use.
  • The treatment duration is just 1 minute for a 13 cm² wound area.
  • To date no microbial resistances have been observed.
  • To date no side effects or allergies towards plasma treatment have been observed.
  • Hygienic application, because the medical device recognizes spacers that have already been used and does not work in such a case.
  • The plasma care® is state-of-the-art in wound care.

Customer Support

We are happy to provide a personal offer for the plasma care® to you. For all additional questions, servicing, support and repairs of the medical device we are your direct contact. To allow for a quick and simple service, please take advantage of the contact form below.