The plasma care® inactivates bacteria including multi-drug resistant organisms, viruses, fungi and spores and thereby contributes to wound healing.

Cold plasma consists of ionized gas. It enters bacteria, viruses and fungi and destroys the free DNA of the microbes inside the cells so that they are killed. In contrast eukaryotic human cells are protected much better, because their DNA is inside of the nucleus among other reasons. So far, no damage by the plasma care® to healthy cells is known.

Mobile wound care with cold plasma

People with chronic wounds are often limited regarding their mobility, which reduces their quality of life significantly. These patients are mostly restricted to their home environment and depend on the care of out-patient healthcare professionals. Because the plasma care® is a hand-held, wireless medical device, it is perfectly suited for on-site wound disinfection. The device is charged over night and can then be used all day.

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The treatment with the plasma care® is quick and effective

Regular disinfection procedures are often painful for the patient. In contrast no pain has been described by patients during plasma care® treatments thus far, which results in a high level of acceptance. One treatment takes just 60 seconds. In case of larger wounds, the procedure can be carried out up to six times before the sterile spacer needs to be exchanged.

Clinical trial on the medical application of the plasma care® has started

The application of cold plasma technology in medicine has already been researched for several years and is widely accepted today. In June 2019 another clinical trial has been initiated to examine the treatment of patients with infected chronic wounds with the plasma care®.

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