The plasma care® in wound care

The plasma care® is a handy and mobile medical device for the treatment of wounds, especially chronic wounds. The device produces cold atmospheric plasma to effectively kill microorganisms, such as bacteria (including MRE), that counteract healing. According to previous knowledge, the treatment does not damage human tissue . Today, plasma technology is state of the art in wound care.

The process of  of wound care


The wound treatment process remains almost unchanged.
The plasma care® is used after the debridement. After treatment with plasma care®,
the treatment is continued as usual.

The application of
the plasma care

1. Fasten the spacer

3. Place your thumb on the touch button

5. Take your thumb away, hold the device

2. Switch on the device using the touch button

4. Place the plasma care directly on the wound

6. Repeat at larger wounds

This is how cold plasma works on bacteria

Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is a partially ionised gas. It creates a reactive mix of electrons, ions, excited atoms and molecules, reactive chemical species (such as O3, NO, NO2, etc.), UV radiation and heat. CAP penetrates the bacterial cell wall as well as the membrane and destroys the intracellular structures, including the DNA, in order to inactivate these microorganisms. In contrast, human eukaryotic cells are significantly better protected, among other things, by the DNA lying in a cell nucleus and, according to previous knowledge, are therefore not damaged by treatment with plasma care®. The patient is neither exposed to radiation nor does electricity flow through the skin. You can find more about plasma technology under “Technology”.

This is how cold plasma affects human cells 

Human cells are generally better protected, as the DNA is located within the cell nucleus. Furthermore, human cells have a cellular repair mechanism. It was also observed in vitro that the oxidative stress caused by the cold plasma stimulates cell biological survival mechanisms. This is one possible explanation for the improved wound healing seen in some patients.

The advantages at a glance

  • Effective reduction of bacteria
  • Elimination of multi-resistant pathogenes
  • No development of resistances are known
  • No tissue damage is known
  • Safe, painless treatment – no pain has been reported during treatment
  • Portable and easy-to-use
  • No electrical current through the skin
  • Also suitable for patients with cardic pacemakers
  • No nobel gases

The treatment procedure

After the wound has been cleaned manually from rough contaminants, the plasma care® is switched on and a sterile spacer is attached. The spacer is gently placed onto the skin of the patient and the treatment is initiated. After 60 seconds the plasma care® can be moved, to treat additional wounds or large wound areas. After 6 individual treatments at most, the spacer needs to be discarded according to the applicable regulations.

Here you can watch the treatment procedure in a 2 minute-video. The clip gives you a first impression, the dubbing is in process.