Cold plasma technology is already used in routine clinical practice in wound treatment and shows very good results. We are also researching new areas of application, especially in dermatology and intensive care medicine.

Product platforms

Our technology offers unique advantages that can be easily applied to various fields

Indirect plasma source

  • no current at patient

Plasma generated in air

  • no additional gas supply
    needed *

Monitoring system
to control plasma generation

  • guarantees optimal plasma

*e.g.argon or helium

RFID Tag in Spacer
with intelligent control

  • prevents cross-contamination

Intelligent control
of parameters

  • treatment parameters can be
    automatically adapted to spacer

Mobile and battery powered

  • plasma medicine to go
  • flexible in daily routine
  • only device suitable for home care
  • wide range of application
  • rechargeable Battery


  • excellent usability

Highly flexible spacer design

  • adaptable to multiple
    clinical applications
  • platform technology with one device for
    multiple clinical applications

Research areas


Market ready

Research pipeline