Cold plasma against ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Status: Product in the approval process.
Cold plasma against ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Status: Product in the approval process.
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Our current research project - new ways of oral hygiene in intensive care: Simple, fast, clean.

Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is one of the most common and dangerous complications of mechanical ventilation. VAP can be an autoinfection with germs from the patient’s gastrointestinal tract or an exogenous infection with germs from the immediate patient environment. The pathogen spectrum is broad and includes mainly gram-negative bacteria. Over time, the germs can get into the lower respiratory tract and can lead to VAP.  

Our solution: Cold plasma floods the upper respiratory tract and inactivates bacteria and viruses.

Cold plasma has a strong antimicrobial and antiviral effect, sparing human tissues and cells. This effect also exists in bacteria with antibiotic resistance (MRSA).

Product concept: tailor-made for intensive care units

In the following, the application of the device is shown schematically. Cold plasma is generated and gently directed through the mouth into the upper respiratory tract of the ventilated patient with the help of medical compressed air.

The device is used exclusively in intubated or tracheotomized patients and the entire respiratory tract above the cuff is treated.

Easy handling relieves the nursing staff

For oral care in invasively machine-ventilated patients (in back position) with plasma intensive care, the following infrastructure is required:

  1. Flowmeter
  2. medical compressed air



Anleitung Vorbereitung 1


The adapter of the plasma intensive care is placed on the device.

Anleitung Vorbereitung 2


Plug the hoses (application hose 1.5 m and supply hose 2.0 m) onto the adapter.

Rachenbehandlung 1


The supply hose is connected to the flow controller (gas flow 0.5 l/min).

Rachenbehandlung 2


Connect the purple applicator to the application hose.

Rachenbehandlung 3


In order for the applicator to be positioned appropriately in the patient’s mouth, it must first be bent accordingly.

Rachenbehandlung 4


Place the applicator in the patient’s mouth.



Start CAP treatment via the touch button. The device stops automatically and can be discarded during treatment.



After completion of treatment, remove the applicator from the mouth, disconnect from the application tube and dispose of.

ContaCt & FAQ

Questions about cold plasma ­therapy

There are many questions about cold plasma therapy: Which bacteria does cold plasma affect? How long does the therapy last? …. We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers for you here. You are also welcome to contact us directly