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plasma care® celebrates product launch in Taiwan

Garching, Germany / Taipei, Taiwan – 27.05.2024

After several months of preparation, terraplasma medical is proud and happy to announce the launch of the plasma care® device for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds with cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) in Taiwan. Together with our exclusive distributor Omega Medical Ltd. we were able to obtain approval from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) for the plasma care® as a medical device. This means that plasma care® can now be used by Taiwanese healthcare providers and facilities.

After its development and adoption in Germany in recent years, the treatment of wounds with cold atmospheric plasma has the potential to revolutionize wound care in Taiwan and the surrounding region in Asia. According to experts, Taiwan has one of the most advanced healthcare systems in the world and its approximately 24 million inhabitants are well covered by the National Health Insurance (NHS), with increased awareness and enthusiasm to pay out of pocket for innovative, adjunctive therapies. The need for innovative solutions for wound care is great, with the percent of the Taiwanese population over 65 years old on track to be among the highest in the world in the coming years.

“We have great expectations for the introduction of plasma care® in Taiwan. After all, the country has highly qualified and skilled medical professionals and a well-functioning healthcare system that is very open to innovation. The approval by TFDA again shows our high standards on product safety and efficacy,” says Jens Kirsch, founder, and CEO of terraplasma medical.

terraplasma medical’s distribution partner, Omega Medical Ltd., will play a key role in the introduction of plasma care®, and several top doctors and facilities have enthusiastically begun to trial the product on the first patients. Omega Medical’s commitment was incredible during the approval process, and their team shares terraplasma medical’s vision of comprehensive wound care with cold atmospheric plasma.

James Ting, CEO of Omega Medical Ltd, commented on the collaboration: “We were already able to present plasma care® to leading medical professionals in Taiwan immediately after the approval phase. The response so far has been consistently positive, and we are convinced that the cooperation with terraplasma medical will be a great success–for our company and, above all, for the many people in our country who want better wound care.”

About Omega Medical Ltd.:
Omega Technology Corporation was founded in 1995 with the aim of providing continuous support to its customers through sustainable management, innovative technologies, and outstanding service.  Due to its insistence on high-quality products, it provides a number of world-renowned equipment, including nanotechnology, low-temperature superconductivity, precision measurement, biochemical biomedicine, and medical equipment. The Omega Medical company, which is now part of the renowned Omega Business Group, has several service centers in Taiwan and exclusively distributes cutting-edge medical technology.

About terraplasma medical GmbH:
terraplasma medical GmbH is a medical technology company based in Garching near Munich, Germany. It was founded in 2016 by terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off of the Max Planck Society. The focus is on innovative treatment methods based on cold plasma for wound healing (cold plasma therapy). A mobile, CE-certified cold plasma device, plasma care®, closes wounds painlessly and inactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria. The medical device is used to treat (infected) chronic and acute wounds using cold atmospheric plasma to inactivate microorganisms, including multi-resistant pathogens, and stimulate wound healing. This innovation represents a major step in wound therapy.