Published studies and case studies


Published studies with plasma care®

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Yuta Terabe et. al. (2021) Using cold plasma to treat chronic foot ulcer infection 

Yuta Terabe et. al. (2021) Treating hard-to-heal skin and nail onychomycosis of diabetic foot with plasma therapy

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Dejonckheere et. al. 2024. Non-invasive physical plasma for preventing radiation dermatitis in breast cancer: Results from an intrapatient-randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial 

Ligresti C, et al. Use of Cold Plasma in the Treatment of Infected Wounds. J Surg Res Prac. 2024;5(1):1-10.

Case studies from practice

Patient (77 years old), bedridden due to a spinal injury.

  • Recurrence of a leg ulcer of unknown origin on the right lower leg, no edema, vascular status unclear.
  • Wound healing had stagnated for several months; partly purulent coatings.
  • Patient reported severe pain during mechanical wound cleansing.

Treatment success:
Patient is pain-free. Complete wound closure after 14 weeks.

Patient (50 years old) with diabetic foot syndrome.

  • Infected ulcers above the metatarsal bones (left) and necrotic 4th toe. Amputation due to deterioration of the wound situation.
  • Wound infection partially resistant corynebacteria, enterococci and

Treatment success:
Amputation of the 5th toe could be averted. Complete wound closure on day 105.

Patientin (77 years) with wound healing disorder with known chronic venous insufficiency and cardiac insufficiency.

  • Secondary healing wound (split-thickness skin graft and flap plasty) after trauma (contusion in a car accident).
  • Infection with Enterobacter aerogenes, additional tendency to edema formation in lower legs.

Treatment success:
Complete wound closure two weeks after the last plasma treatment

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