plasma care® - the quantum leap
for wound-treatment
Inactivation of bacteria and activation of wound healing. Reduce the risk of infection in surgical wounds.
plasma derma care care® for dermatological applications
Cold plasma therapy for the treatment of bacterial and fungal skin infections.
Product and device
Product and device
The handy CE-certified plasma care® for use by nurses and doctors - also for mobile use.
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What makes cold plasma a medical "PLUS" in medicine?

The plasma care®-product   series inactivates bacteria including multi-resistant pathogens including multiresistant pathognes, viruses, fungi and spores. At the same time, it actives the healing process. More than 30.000 sucessful wound treatments have been already carried out with the mobile  plasma care®

Cold plasma in medical applications

The plasma care® product line of handy, portable medical devices that generate cold atmospheric plasma from the ambient air.
It uses cold plasma wherever bacteria, viruses and fungi can multiply.   

Applications of the plasma care® technology

Wound treatment

Wound treatment

Faster, safer wound healing for chronic and acute wounds.
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Treatment of bacterial and fungal skin diseases.
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Anbieter des Kaltplasmatherapie mit dem plasma care® in D-A-CH

Pro Version des Plugins bietet auch eine Auflistung der gespeicherten Marker (Adressen).

PRO Lizenz kostet 40$


Research projects with plasma care®

Charite Logo

Charité Berlin, Centrum für experimentelle und angewandte Physiologie der Haut

Title of the study: Development of a DIN standard for testing the efficacy and safety of atmospheric pressure plasma sources for medical applications.

„We investigate the influence of plasma irradiation on the physiological parameters of the skin."

UCD Dublin Logo

University College Dublin, School of Biosystems Engineering, Conway Institute

Title of the study: “Cold plasma for invection prevents and control”, Prof. Paula Bourke

SSV Logo

"I have studied plasma care® in my diabetological practice in order to test a broad application of plasma care® and to make it a standard care at DFS in the future."

Logo plasmacare
Logo plasma derma care
Logo plasma intensive care

product portfolio

The effects in the treatment of the skin and wounds have already been extensively researched and are proven by numerous studies. Other areas of application, e.B. in cancer therapy, in the dental sector or implantology, are being researched worldwide and are an important building block for the medical technology of tomorrow.

USER testimonials

What experts say about plasma care®

"I used plasma care® to support the treatment of therapy resistance, critical colonization of the wound or signs of infection"
Christine Bertram
Wound Manager
"We use plasma care® in our practice for colonized and infected wounds, but also for acute injury wounds."
OA Dr. Elisabeth Lahnsteiner
Doctor for general medicine, WUND.ORDINATION Wien
"We use the plasma care® as a complementary therapy to support rapid wound healing and prevent infection."
Johannes Schwaiger
Managing Director ellipsa, Regensburg
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Questions about cold plasma therapy

There are many questions about cold plasma therapy: Which bacteria does cold plasma affect? How long does the therapy last? …. We compiled the most frequently asked questions and the answers for you here. You are also welcome to contact us directly