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The principle of the plasma care®: Simple and quick application. At the same time, optimal integration into the work processes. See for yourselfe (dubbing is coming soon) 

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Presse releases aboth the plasma care®, about the plasma therapy and the terraplasma medical GmbH

About the plasma care®:

2019 Defense Innovation Award Winner Notification

We are proud to announce our selection as a 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Awardee. The annual TechConnect Defense Innovation Awards recognizes the top 15 % of submitted Challenge Technologies as ranked by the Selection Commitee. To learn more about the Defens TechConnect Summit and the Expo at National Harbour, MD, one of the most well-attended defense Events ot the year visit:

About cold plasma in medicine:

The plasma care® in a report of the SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG: What space travel brings to the Earthlings:

Neue Entwicklung in der Hautkrebsforschung
Interdiszplinäres Forschungsprojekt zeigt: Der kombinierte Einsatz von kaltem atmosphärischem Plasma und Small Molecules kann die Hautkrebstherapie wirkungsvoll ergänzen. 

Lesen Sie hier eine Zusammenfassung 

About terraplasma medical GmbH:

„Wohlfahrt – Das Entscheider-Magazin für die Sozialwirtschaft“ 03-2021
„Treat chronic wounds“

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Presse realeases and images approved for publication  

Company profile:

terraplasma medical GmbH develop devices in plasma medicine  and research their applications in various areas.   

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Dezember 2021:

Aquisition of the  terraplasma medical GmbH by Viromed Group

The mayority takeover of the terraplasma medical GmbH by Viromed Plasma GmbH, a company of the viromed group, was announced today

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Juni 2021:

New technology is the hope for 3 million patiens with chronic wounds. 

The exclusive distribution cooperation between terraplasma medical and VIROMED was announced today.   

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July 2020:

Patent application for cold plasma device for mouth and throat treatment in ventilated COVID-19 patients.  

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June 2020:

Cold plasma could increase survival chances of COVID-19 ventilation patients. 

The plasma care®, a CE-approved  medical prodcut, using cold atmospheric plasma to inactive bacteria, including multi-resistant pathogenes, viruses and fungi  – this principle is now to be used in the mouth and throat of ventilation patients. 

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November 2019:

terraplasma medical presents the plasma care© specialist audience.

The plasma  care© a handheld mobile medical device was presented the first time to specialist audience at the MEDICA 2019. 

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June 2019:

CE conformity for the plasma care©

The terraplasma medical GmbH has successfully completed CE conformity assesment procedure for the plasma care® .

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March 2017:

terraplasma medical sucessfully concludes financing

In March  2017 the munich medical technology company terraplasma medical GmbH – founded by the terraplasma GmbH and Dynamify GmbH – successfully completed the first round of financing (Seed).

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Thema „Was wäre wenn…“ (Motiv kommt neu – mit einem richtigen Thema)

„Wenn das Wörtchen wenn nicht wäre“. In dieser Infoserie sind wir ganz unwissenschaftlich, stellen Thesen auf, fragen uns „Was wäre wenn..“ z.B.

Was wäre, wenn chronische Wunden abheilten könnten?
Was wäre wenn die Kaltplasmatherapie für alle Patienten mit chronischen Wunden zugänglich wäre?
Was wäre wenn man durch die Kaltplasmatherapie die Pflege entlasten könnte?

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Questions about cold plasma therapy

There are many questions surrounding cold plasma therapy: Which bacteria does cold plasma affect? How long does the therapy last? …. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you here. You are also welcome to contact us directly.