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Strong distribution partner for the GCC countries

Press release

Garching July 10th, 2023

Cold plasma therapy will revolutionize therapy for chronic wound patients in GCC countries. Today the exclusive distribution cooperation between terraplasma medical and BSM Binary System Medical Co. was signed. Together we are forming a new and strong partnership for the Saudi Arabian, Emirates and Bahraini Market.

Cold atmospheric plasma inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi and also multi-resistant pathogens. It activates cell growth, blood circulation and cell metabolism, thus stimulating wound healing. Its use in medical technology is a quantum leap for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds as well as dermatological skin diseases. It revolutionizes, supplements and replaces conventional treatment methods, for example in surgery to prevent postoperative infections. In nursing, it offers a treatment option for chronic, often long-standing and non-healing wounds. Cold plasma therapy reduces the use of antibiotics or cortisone and causes neither allergic side effects nor pain.

Widespread use of plasma care® in clinics, care facilities, and private practices

The plasma care® product line developed by terraplasma medical GmbH for this purpose will be distributed exclusively by BSM Binary System Medical Co. a leading medical device distribution company with an established and widely positioned sales network in the GCC countries and Egypt. The aim of the cooperation is the widespread use of the plasma care® product line in clinics and care facilities, as well as by physicians in private practices in Saudi Arabia, United Arabian Emirates and Bahrain.

Clinical experience in recent years has shown that this new form of therapy, in addition to its bactericidal and healing-promoting effect, offers further advantages for the health care system: e.g. a reduction in care and dressing costs for chronic wounds or wounds contaminated with multi-resistant pathogens. The postoperative use of the devices can avoid longer periods of patient hospitalization. With reduced use of antibiotics, resulting resistances can be avoided. In dermatology, fewer anti-inflammatory drugs would be used. Ultimately, the healing of hard-to-heal wounds such as diabetic foot or post-surgical wound healing disorders significantly improves the quality of life of patients.

Jens Kirsch, CEO of terraplasma medical GmbH, is looking forward to the sales cooperation with BSM Binary System Medical Co. “With Binary System Medical we have gained an extremely strong sales partner who will achieve a broad market breakthrough on the Arabian Peninsula for cold plasma therapy and our plasma care® products.”

Ghazi Alhmidy, General Manager of Binary System Medical Group is quite excited to work on introducing the plasma care® products in the region. “We are quite confident that we can make a huge impact in the wound care industry with the plasma care® by decreasing the time to heal wounds and increasing the disease management efficiency.”

terraplasma medical GmbH, based in Garching bei München, was founded in 2016 by terraplasma GmbH, a spin-off from the Max Planck Society. The idea: to use the antimicrobial and tissue-regenerating effect of cold plasma in medicine with a small handheld device for stationary and mobile use. In 2019, the plasma care® medical device was approved for the treatment of chronic wounds, and in 2021 the plasma derma care® for the treatment of skin diseases induced by bacteria and fungi. Currently, terraplasma medical is researching and developing further clinical application areas like dentistry and respiratory tract infections.

Binary System Medical Co. is a subsidiary of Saudi Mais Co. Over the past 8 years, Binary System Medical has built a solid distribution network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain serving hundreds of hospitals and medical centers in those countries. Binary System Medical has an excellent and dedicated team of renown professionals with many years of experience in marketing and sales of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics all over the Arabian Peninsula.

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Binary System Medical Co.

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